Saturday, 24 October 2009

David Sutherland

David Sutherland's work is super...I love the way he talks to readers through the characters..he made it fun for me to be a kid from the 80's...the way he draws Gnasher has not been favourites has to be Dennis from the 80's and Bash Street kids
I love his Plug from Bash favourite character and Davids...... the way his face can even turn the tide back!!!
He has also drawn adventure strips like Billy the cat and Katie very grounded in our reality (who wouldn't want to swing on a lamp post!! also the Iron Fish and the later General/Admiral Jumbo. He started working with the Beano in 1961 and is still drawing the Bash Street kids and the odd Dennis the Menace today...amazing!!....I love his covers for annuals and summer specials very appealing and fun.
One incident which was very clever in a Bash Street kids story from a Beano annual 1975 it showed teacher winning a trip to the moon.......though he had to wait 10 years!!....David drew the story in 1985...I loved the fact he had to wait so long before he could draw it:)

His work of Dennis and the Bash Street kids have lots of topical telly programs of the technology.......I also like Dennis with his gang...the menace sign...when Gnasher went missing for a very long time...even Mike Read DJ asked on the radio if anyone had seen him.....when Dennis changed his image...when the Bash Street kids had to be dull and politicilly correct...all these thankfully didn't last.....I believed Dennis had changed his look for good at the time!!....many other landmarks for me was seeing Dennis and Walter advertising smarties on huge billboards....I recommend if you bought the Beano in the 80's read them now it brings your childhood alive..........cheers David .......Peter

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