Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Gordon Bell's The Beano's Pup Parade

Gordon Bells best comic characters!!

Gordon Bell's The Beano's Punch and Jimmy

Normally drawn by Dave Jenner.

Gordon Bell's Buster and Nipper comic's Nipper

The star of Nipper comic and also appeared in Buster and Nipper later on..

Gordon Bell's Buster comic's Mr Nobody

Gordon Bell's The Beano's Minnie the Minx

Gordon drawing Minnie for The Beano Annual..a one off..Jim Petrie is the main artist of Mi9nnie at that time..

Gordon Bell's Nutty comic's Micro Dot

Gordon Bell's Dandy comic's Korky the cat

Very unusual looking Korky by Gordon..very different to other artists..

Gordon Bell's Dandy comic's It's Joe Mince

This was unusual has it was a quarter of the Dandy page sharing with three other stories..

Gordon Bell's Dandy comic's Hungry Horace

This character is another orginally by Allan Morley from the first Dandy comic 1937.
Hungry Horace then was in the first Sparky comic 23 January 1965 drawn by George Drysdale.

This is Hungry Horace from Topper 1988-1990 by Gordon..also appeared in the last Topper annuals..

Gordon Bell's Plug comic's Hugh's Zoo

Gordon Bell's Dandy comic's Freddy the Fearless fly

Gordon drew this in the 90's..
before Allan Morley drew this from Dandy number 1 1937..

Gordon Bell's Buster and Nipper comic's Flapper

Started in Nipper comic then in Buster and Nipper.

Gordon Bell's Plug comic's First Ada

Gordon Bell's Cracker comics Fiend's Beans

Gordon Bell's Sparky comics Dreamy Daniel

Gordon Bell's Nutty comic's Doodle Bug

One of the best in Nutty...Goprdon isgreat at drawing fun little characters..

Gordon Bell's Plug comic's Digby The Human Mole

Gordon Bell's Dandy Annual's Dandy Doodles

A one off..

Gordon Bell's Dandy comic's Cuddles and Dimples

Gordon didn't draw many of this strip..

Gordon Bell's Beezer and Topper's Crazy for Daisy

Gordon Bell's Buzz comic's The Buzzies and the Fuzzies great website all about Buzz comic..

Gordon Bell's Dandy comic's Bully Beef and Chips

When Jimmy Hughes retired Gordon Bell took over..also Sid Burgon.

Gordon Bell's Cracker comics Billy the Kid

Love the way Gordon draws dogs..the way they run and there noses.. specially that last panel of it in the air bouncing the ball.