Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Reg Parlett

Philcom55 Comment : Great to see all these old favourites again - particularly those from the old Eagle titles, but as a matter of interest werent Fido and Calling U for Useless called Fidosaurus and XYZ Cars when they were originally printed. I also have fond memories of Dr...message got cut off..

Reg's work is a wonder to see....and what a very long career...these blog posts only touches the surface he drew for Radio Fun, Jester, Funny Wonder, Jingles, Crackers, Larks, Merry and Bright and others..
I like how each panel is different...he makes each character in the panel look different to the previous..
What a great penmanship..
Smiley fun happy faces sum up his comic pages..

Reg Parlett's Rent a Ghost

Reg Parlett's Cheeky's Mustapha Million

Reg Parlett's Shiver and Shake's Lolly Pop

Reg Parlett's Eagle's King of the Jungle

I'm sure this is from Eagle comic..

Reg Parlett's Cor's Nightmare and Ivor and Tony

Reg Parlett's Jackpot's Its a nice life

Reg Parlett's Buster's Helpful Hettie

Reg Parlett's Guy the Guide

Not sure which comic.

Reg Parlett's Wow's Goodies and Baddies

Reg Parlett's Krazy's Fit Fred and Sick Sid

Reg Parlett's Eagle's Fido

Reg Parlett's Buster's Disappearing Trix

Reg Parlett's Giggle's Dim Dan the Stuntman

Reg Parlett's Wow's Creepy Comix

Reg Parlett's Whoopee's comic characters

Reg Parlett's Buster's comic characters

Reg Parlett's Eagle's Calling U for Useless

Reg Parlett's Buster's Buster

I loved this Buster as a child....he was always scoffing lots of cakes at the end...Buster really liked his food..