Thursday, 17 September 2009

Trevor Metcalfe

Trevor has been in comics from 1965...with Our Great Grandpa (Anyone got an example of this which I can add to the website you can send as a JPEG to my email!) in Buster....all the way up to drawing Roger the Dodger, Billy Whizz and Ivy the Terrible a few years ago and now drawing other cartoon projects.

I liked Junior Rotter the best and was often No.1 in the Whizzer and Chip charts fighting against Joker by Sid B. He has a super style....with clear drawing and very good artistically......he is very close in style to the Late Great Robert Nixon.

I've emailed Trevor and asked him for permission to do this website showing his comic work and he has agreed!! ...he deserves it.

His work is a highlight of a comic......Growing Paynes was great fun and innocent...Sweet Tooth made my mouth water...Damsel in Distress...Spare part kit I loved in Wow! ..Bill and Coo the pigeon...Jasper the Grasper in Cor!!

I like his Roger the Dodger and Ivy the Terrible and he is the only artist after Robert Nixon to capture the same enjoyable drawing style.

Robert Nixon and Trevor both took over Ken Reid strips in the past and some of there style comes from Ken. Long may Trevor continue...we salute you.

A email I recieved...
Hello Peter, Thought you might like to see the 'tarted-up' files of Birdman & Chicken. The silhouette picture for example on page 5, now looks as it was supposed to when I drew it. It's nice to look back occasionally, but as far as I'm concerned it's ( to coin a phrase ) 'all our yesterdays'. I much prefer to stay focussed on the now and look forward to new jobs tomorrow. Thanks once again for your interest in my stuff. Regards,

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