Thursday, 3 September 2009

Tom Paterson

I've just walked down Memory Lane by looking at your Watford Gapp site - once Tom Paterson came up with the idea, I wrote most of the scripts: the one about Carol Singing and Monster Mash on your site are both mine, for instance. (I also wrote Tarman of the Jungle, which Terry Bave drew, the Bumpkin Billionaires which featured a Miss `Creepy' Crawley and one-off strips in verse which Terry Bave usually drew for various Fleetway annuals c.1990-1993.)
Best Wishes, Roger Fitton. Thanks Roger for your email Peter!

Tom Paterson a super Scotish comic cartoonist known all over in the U.K! His work has been published since the late 70's to the present day in The Beano and The Dandy!
He's living in a flat in Leith with in Edinburgh. He has three kids - two girls and a boy. As far as I know, he has always lived in the Edinburgh area.
He's certainly a devoted Hearts supporter like me (Euan Kerr Beano editor).
Euan Kerr emailed me with this information!!
He is going to tell Tom about the website I've done in his honour!!! Though he doesn't have a computer or the internet.....DOH!..
cool aye!!!
It made my day!!!!
Peter Gray thanks Euan!

From Simon Courage-
I'm a huge fan of his, and there is almost nothing on the web so it was great to find something, and see some scans of his work. I read Buster for many years and he was far and away my favourite artist - I'd spend hours copying his drawings, he really is in a class of his own. Seeing the scans reminded me that it wasn't all rose-tinted glasses, he really was superb.

I was wondering if you have any copies of the strips he did for the centre pages in Buster for a while - just after he stopped drawing Buster itself, if I remember. It was characters like Captain Crucial, Lucy Lastic etc. I really adored those, the highlight of his career for me. I'd dearly love to see some of those again.

Mark Bennington took over from Tom Patterson doing the centre page spead. I can't remember how long Tom did it for - probably 6 months-1 year. He basically kicked off the characters, and the later artists copied his style for the strips but never got close to his brilliance IMHO.

I'd love to see those again, they really were superb, better than his Buster strips and those where excellent. I remember on Tom's last Buster strip he signed of 'Ta-taa!' under his signature, saying goodbye. I loved his centre page strips so much (first thing I turned to when the comic arrived!) and one week I saw a 'Ta-taa!' under his sig and knew he was moving on again. I was gutted!

I love Tom Paterson's work.....

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